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Alcohol consumption in later life and reaching longevity: the Netherlands Cohort Study Age and Ageing

Content Does Alcohol Make You Sick? You May Be Allergic Alcohol and the Immune System Alcohol-Related Factors That Influence Lifespan How Long Do People With Alcoholism Live? In her 12 years of clinical experience, her focus has been on treating chronic pain, failed surgeries, and rheumatoid conditions. She takes this knowledge and experience and uses […]

The Rise and Fall of Palcohol: The Boozy Powder That Terrified America

Contents: How Do You Use Powdered Alcohol? How To Make Powdered Alcohol Powdered Alcohol – State Laws Introduction: Powdered Alcohol Concerns About Powdered Alcohol Although the intended use of powdered alcohol is to dissolve it in a glass of water, some people may choose to ingest it in other ways. Powdered alcohol is illegal in […]

Everything You Want to Know About Palcohol, the Powdered Alcohol Approved by Feds

Contents: Get smart. Sign up for our email newsletter. ABC News Live The Debate About Palcohol: Is Powdered Alcohol Safe? How Do You Use Powdered Alcohol? If a person does not fully understand powdered alcohol and ingests an excessive amount by mixing it with their food, the result could be alcohol poisoning. Pandina is all […]

Powdered Alcohol: An Encapsulation National Alcohol Beverage Control Association

Contents: Public health concerns What is Palcohol? Robert Pandina, director of the Rutgers Center for Alcohol Studies, on the dangers of ‘Palcohol’ Publications Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved four powdered alcohol products with the brand name “Palcohol” for sale in the U.S. Under the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution, state […]

6 Ways To Avoid The Habit Of Drinking After Work

Content Why Do People Drink After Work? Set goals. Curbing nearsightedness in children: Can outdoor time help? What causes alcohol-related disorders? Does less TV time lower your risk for dementia? From monthlong sobriety challenges to the #SoberCurious movement, more and more people are taking a closer look at the role alcohol plays in their lives. […]

The Stages of Change Model of Overcoming Addiction

Content What is Addiction? The Addiction Cycle Three ways to break addiction cycles Binge/Intoxication Stage: Basal Ganglia What Are the 6 Stages of the Addiction Cycle? Tolerance of Substances The binge/intoxication stage of the addiction cycle is the stage at which an individual consumes the substance of choice. This stage heavily involves the basal ganglia […]